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Do you have questions about your locks? Are you interested in getting new ones? Did you lose your key? We offer short answers about lock systems, key problems and maintenance! Clear your mind by clicking here.

What are the simplest locks to use?

The simplest locks to use would be the cam lock. The cam lock is also one of the most common locks available. It is made of metal plate that is called a cam which is attached to the locking device core. It rotates between 90 to 180 degrees as the key is turned. There are two types of cam locks; the flat key and the tubular lock. There is also a combo cam lock that makes use of a combination key code.

What’s the next step after losing my key?

If you have no idea where you placed your keys, and you haven’t written down the code, you need to call for assistance from a reliable locksmith. As suggested by professionals at Locksmith Lake Forest, doing so will prevent any damage to your door should you attempt to open it using another key. Also, a replacement key may be provided upon request.

Why should I install security systems with sirens?

Most of these security alarm systems have silent sirens and that means that the police will be notified immediately for an active burglary without disturbing the whole neighborhood. The locksmiths of our company in Lake Forest insist that sirens would discourage perpetrators but you will also need good, high tech security door locks, too.

What are the most child-friendly locks?

According to our experts you should use a simple small bolt. Make sure that it is placed high enough so that it is away from the prying hands of toddlers and pets alike. Such locks work best in the toilets and bathrooms for privacy.

Is lubrication all I need to maintain locks?

Technicians over at Locksmith Lake Forest would tell you that for all intents and purposes, lubricating a lock system with oil is just about all you need to keep most conventional locking systems working well. A lack of friction will most definitely let them last longer. Some locking mechanisms however have more complicated structures that need more maintenance.

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