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Can Lockouts Threaten Your Life?

11/25/2014 Back To Blog

There are two ways looking into a car or house lockout since every action is followed by a reaction and everything has a cause and effect. Hence, when we are dealing with any property lockout, we must have in mind the following:

1. The reasons, which led to a lockout.
2. The consequences of the lockout.Can Lockouts Threaten Your Life?

The difference is that we can reason with the latter when a lockout would just upset our daily schedule or make us late to work but what will happen when our or someone's life is in danger? Our actions concerning the reasons why we were locked out in the first place would determine our lives. If there is no cause there is no effect. Keep in mind that we are responsible for our actions and, therefore, able to prevent problems by:

a. Having old keys and locks replaced. They both need to be changed periodically because they get old and unable to serve their mission. One day your key might break or won't fit in the lock due to distortions.
b. Taking care of them in the meantime. Lock repair will save you from sudden problems since all mechanical objects are affected by many things and, thus, need maintenance.

Little secrets to avoid lockouts

• Keep the keys in a specific place. This way you will know where they are in case of an emergency.
• Make duplicates and give them to a trusted friend or relative living nearby.
• Don't take a step out of your home no matter what without your keys.
• Keep keys away from children and pets or you would lose them.

Question: can lockouts be dangerous? Answer: yes, they can

Regardless of the reason, when you are locked out, you are locked out. It's good to hear the specialists at Locksmith Lake Forest saying that most lockouts just bring annoyance to people. Though, there are many examples of people, who had terrible problems and their or someone's life was put in risk.

1. Vehicle lockouts are usually the worse ones. It won't be strange to park the car in a remote street or come back for it when it is late and the parking lot is empty. It doesn't mean that something bad will definitely happen to you just because it's dark but threats usually travel after hours.
2. Some people have the tendency to leave their babies or pets in the car to get some groceries. No locksmith would ever recommend such action because a locked baby or dog, especially in a hot day, can suffocate.
3. You may go to check the mail leaving a young child and the stove on in the house. It would only take a split of a second for the door to close behind you. If we disregard for a moment the property damage from the stove, we can focus on the child. What will it do? Is she/he in danger of any sharp objects or the stove? Is there a chance a baby might fall from the cradle?

Keep in mind that humans move faster than they think and lockouts are not impossible to happen. At least you can try to eliminate them.

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